now for different supercomputers

I already shared my now script intended for a small “in home” computing cluster. This time, I am sharing two other variations of that script, designed for the queuing systems of two different supercomputers: Mare Nostrum at BSC, Juropa at JSC and HLRN.

Both of them are the predecessors of the newer now script, and they only have the very basic features, but if you need an script that works right out of the box for any of the supercomputers mentioned above, this is the quick solution.

You can download here the  MareNostrum version or the Juropa version.

They may work also in other different supercomputers using Loadleveler or Moab/Maui, but I can not ensure that, because the machines (and monitoring options) are usually highly customized.

This is an snapshot of this simple versions of now:

Snapshot of the now script running on Tirant

Snapshot of the now script running on Tirant cluster (BSC).