Here we go!

Finally I have written the first post in this blog.
It has been a hard decision, but finally, after transforming my super-complex multilanguage dynamic website into a funny tablet pc, with fancy pure-CSS animated buttons, I noticed that I should maybe use a more sober layout, so I redesigned everything again to make it look a little bit more standard. Then I noticed that I would like to embed a blog, which according to my philosophy, should be self programmed from scratch (with vi!), but the need for more advances features took me to the difficult decision of migrating everything to wordpress.

The blog format will allow me to post about the contents of my old websites in a more simple and effective way.

A comment on the layout: the background image is a natural (not edited) picture I took in the snowy Oulu, and the layout is based on the twenty twelve theme with hard css customization.
The favicon is the representation of some orbitals in an Al+3 pentagon, which using the right cut-off and the right angle, looks like some funny smiley alien, or something.